Photographic safaris

East Africa

Photographic safaris

East Africa is a photographer's dream. And whether you specialise in capturing landscapes, night skies, wildlife or people and culture, we'll help you not only go to the right places, but also guided on safari by people who will appreciate your interests and the more intelligent requirements of photography regarding positioning, light, background.

We use modified, open sided 4 x 4 land cruisers, specifically designed to meet your needs, with roll up canvas and pop-up roofs, to give you the advantage of multiple angles and enhanced stability ,wooden side bar for placing your camera and bean bags of your choice,. Capitalise on the experience and knowledge of our photographic safari guides, not only are they expert on Fauna / Flora and excellent game spotters, but they also know exactly how to position your vehicle in the best light. And their ability to predict animal behaviour means front-row seats to all the action.

Most safari camps can provide a private vehicle where needed (at extra cost) and guides who appreciate the requirements of photographers. More specialist camps and lodges are able to offer specially designed photographic safari vehicles, photography studios, professional photographers for tuition and guiding, and there are also quite a few camps and lodges which have specialist hides, overlooking waterholes or on site underground hides, or access to hides in the bush.

Waterholes can become incredibly productive for game viewing and photography, especially at the end of the dry season.

For completely different perspectives, scenic helicopter and hot air balloon flights make for epic aerial shots.

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