Lake Bogoria

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Originally named Lake Hannington after Bishop Hannington who camped here in 1885. The lake name was changed to Lake Bogoria at independence. The lake is situated inside Lake Bogoria Game Reserve, 57 km south of Lake Baringo.

The lake is shallow (about 10 m depth), and about 34 km long by 3.5 km wide. Being on a volcanic region, its waters are saline and alkaline. The resultant alkaline water provides ideal habitat for the blue – green algae which is the staple food of lesser flamingos.

An estimated two million lesser flamingos tend to frequent Bogoria's waters rather than Lake Nakuru. Roaming the shoreline in shifting lines of mature pink and immature white, they can be seen moving their beaks to and fro to sift algae from the water. Some stand on one leg and others continue through the water like ducks.

Much more is the fascinating phenomenon of the hot springs, an indication that molten rock does not lie far below the earth's surface. The lake has around 200 hot springs in total but has some large of these on one side of the lake. By the time it spurts off the ground, the water has reached over 94 degrees after circulating at great depth in the rock fractures. It is hot enough to boil an egg.

Lake Bogoria is one of the few places in Kenya where you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the rare, shy greater kudu. Abundant until 1960 when its numbers were reduced by rinderpest, this large, slender grey antelope is distinguished by a pair of outstanding spiral horns and six to eight prominent vertical white stripes on either flank.

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