Tanzania – The land of the great migration, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar

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Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and almost one-third of its land is protected for wildlife conservation. It’s not only home to world-famous safari destinations that attract many tourists, but also lesser-known reserves that feel wild and remote. It is a country of natural brilliance, seductive beaches, astounding wildlife, charming ancient towns, geological wonders and archaeological sites.

The north is dominated by massive open plains and weathered volcanic mountains, including Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest and the world's highest free standing mountain, which rises from lush, grassy plains and towers over the land. Its snow-capped peak is a sight to behold. Climbing Kilimanjaro is shockingly easy and standing on the roof of Africa is a life-changing experience.

Scenic splendours such as the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti charm to a wide range of travellers and never fail to impress, with abundant game viewing all year round. In particular, the Serengeti plays host to the famous wildebeest migration, one of East Africa’s great wildlife attractions.an annual event where millions of wildebeest and zebra travel between Tanzania and Kenya in search of fresh grazing.

Other parks in the region are Tarangire National Park, Arusha National Park and Lake Manyara National Park.

The southern part of the country is alike to southern Africa landscapes of huge wilderness areas crossed by mighty rivers. This is where the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park both offer a delightful bush experience. In particular the Selous Game Reserve offers lovely boat cruises on the Rufiji River system, which cannot be repeated anywhere else in East Africa.

The west of the country is home to three very remote and amazing wildlife regions – Katavi, Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains. The latter two, found on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, are known for being the best places in Africa to see chimps in the wild.

The southern and western regions of the country are accessed almost entirely by air.

For those looking for relaxation after a safari or a honeymoon holiday, the glistening white sands of Zanzibar and its surrounding Indian Ocean islands are perfect relaxing getaway, and a stunning change of scenery from Tanzania's game reserves and national parks.

They offer calm African barefoot beach holidays with infinite opportunities for coral snorkeling, scuba diving, marine life safaris and deep sea fishing.

Stone Town on the spice island of Zanzibar and the ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara are 16th-century centers of Portuguese and Arab trade and UNESCO World Heritage Sites too.

When to visit Tanzania

Tanzania has a constant climate which just varies with altitude during the two dry seasons and two wet seasons. The best time to go on a Tanzania safari depends completely on what you want to see and experience. Based on your travel dates, we will design the best safari itinerary for you with weather in mind. Know that wildlife viewing is good year-round in most areas.

July – October: The high season and the long dry season, when wildlife viewing is at its finest. Wildlife gathers around water sources and grass is short.

This is also the famous Wildebeest migration season (we’ll advise on the best camp location based on your month of travel) and the best time to travel to western and southern Tanzania.

Mid-December – mid-March: The short dry season and a good time to travel with the warmest temperatures being February. For those that are interested in experiencing the calving season, it is best to visit between late January to February.

November to mid-December, April – May: The two rainy seasons, when landscapes are lush and skies dramatic. Wildlife is a bit more distributed but still abundant. Anticipate showers in the morning with clearing in the afternoon before, clouds roll in again for heavier rains in the evening. Many properties close during April-May and roads can be muddy and impassable, especially in the South.

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